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Our Story

After Nancy Farren, (right), retired from her career as a registered nurse, she began to find other ways to serve those around her. Nancy developed a heart for the Gabriel Project Ministry, which assists women in unsupported pregnancies. During her 12 years of faithful service to these women, Nancy could not help noticing the cycle of homelessness these women experienced. She saw these young families moving between relatives, friends and significant others. She wished that someone would do something to bring stability into the lives of the women she loved so dearly.


As she looked for resources to give these families, she realized that she had to do something. Nancy experienced a call to do more to assist the poor and vulnerable women she had come to know so well, but she knew she couldn't do it alone. Nancy’s experience with the Gabriel Project gave her more than a desire to make a difference, it introduced her to Audrey Messick, (left). The two first met when Nancy trained Audrey as a mentor for the Gabriel Project. Little did they know then that they would work together to create Providence House, the first transitional housing program in Collier County for women with small children.


Audrey proved to be a kindred spirit with Nancy. She was also deeply concerned for the well-being of women in need. Genuinely compassionate and unafraid of rolling up their sleeves to help the poor in meaningful and life-changing ways, Audrey and Nancy were determined to do what they could to address the lack of housing, basic life skills, education, and the growing problem of homelessness within this group of women in Collier County. 

Our Milestones

Providence House is incorporated as a

501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. 

December 2005

Year is spent fundraising. 1st Annual Luncheon.

November 2006

Property is selected, ongoing fundraising.

Novebmer 2007

Property is closed on.


5 families and 10 children in residence. 

January 2008

1st moms graduate from two year program. 

7 families and 12 children in residence.


One mom graduates from program. 

Full capacity - 8 families and 12 children in residence.


All units are full. Providence House has a wait-list. 


Providence House celebrates 10 years!


All appliances are upgraded by a generous donation. 


Back building is demolished with hopes of creating a new two-story building to accommodate more families. 


We offer tours
Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Request a time that works for you! 

Please call to schedule a tour!
(239) 692-8779

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