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Potential Applicant

Discover your true potential at Providence House!

Are you...

  • Feeling stuck in a low-wage job and unable to create a better life for yourself and children?

  • Wanting to grow in your self-confidence and develop your ability to live a life of self-sufficiency?

  • Ready to set goals and work hard in order to realize your dream?

  • Ready to gain the skills to successfully manage yourself and life as a mother?

Providence House helps women just like YOU!  We work with moms with young children who want to improve themselves and acquire a better quality job, who want to gain a better understanding of healthy relationships, and to realize their dignity.


They never judged me for who I was, my situation, or what religion I was. They took my two year old son and me in and arranged for schooling. Providence House can make it happen for you if you are willing to follow the guidance they will put in place for you. 

*Name changed

(239) 692-8779

Providence House is not emergency housing or a shelter. Please call 211 for emergency situations.

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