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"My life changed when I started my own cleaning business while residing at Providence House."

"In Her Own Words" is our most popular selection in our Providence House newsletter, The Providence Perspective. Here, our moms share part of their journey before and during Providence House. 



"A mother with a 3 year old daughter had no where else to go. At that moment I knew I couldn't give up because I had my daughter counting on me...



"In November a mother with a 7 year old son and a 2 year old daughter came to Providence House after being in an unhealthy relationship…



"A mother with a 4 month old baby came to Providence House after leaving an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship determined to make a better life and environment for her son…



"I was asking God for a sign and he did…



"Living at Providence House was a great life experience for me and my son. When I came I was overwhelmed with all sorts of problems…hospital bills, car problems, single parenting and so on…

We are very grateful to these courageous women who are willing to share a part of their story when they were going through a difficult, challenging, and heart-wrenching time. We rely entirely on the kindness of others to support the Providence House mission, which help mothers with young children in similar circumstances as these. We honor each of them, encourage all of them, and cheer them on now and in the future. A BIG THANK YOU to each of them who have shared their story.

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