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Program Eligibility

  • Applicants must demonstrate the desire and motivation to benefit from and make the greatest use of all services offered. Additionally, she:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.

  • Must have legal custody of her children (6 weeks to 10 years) who currently live with her.

  • Must have the ability to pay a monthly case management fee and be able to document her sources of income.

  • Must understand that Providence House is a self-sufficiency program that includes transitional housing in its array of services.

  • Must have employment or a combination of employment and education.

  • Applicants with a history of addiction must prove one year of sobriety following completion of a recovery program. 


I was ready to change my situation, but I didn't know the first step to take. I knew I had to start saving, but I couldn't because of the cost of my apartment. I also had some debt and needed to learn how to handle money better. Being a single mom of two children and having no one to help made things tough, too. I believe I could change things with a little help and I did. If you're ready, so can you.

*Name changed

Our Process

  1. Applicant calls if she believes she qualifies for our program (see Program Eligibility)

  2. Applicant will speak to the Case Manager who will conduct a phone interview to ensure applicant meets the basic requirements

  3. Applicant is sent a Providence House Application package to complete and mails the application back to Providence House

  4. Application is received and the applicant receives a call from the Case Manager

  5. Applicant is invited for her 1st interview at Providence House with the Case Manager

  6. Applicant is given a Budget Form/Goals Worksheet to complete and bring back to her next interview

  7. Applicant is scheduled for her 2nd interview at Providence House to review her budget form/goals worksheet with the Case Manager 

  8. If approved, the applicant will be sent a "Letter of Approval"

Note: An applicant is not officially accepted until they receive a "Letter of Approval"

"Every day I am proud of myself for making the right choices to become self-sufficient."

Are you ready?

(239) 692-8779

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