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Goal setting is a dynamic process that enables you to overcome the obstacles and challenges that hold you back from achieving the things in life most important and desirable to you. So, setting SMART goals from the start will ensure better results. Here is how to set SMART goals.


Make sure your goal is specific. That is the first strategy. I want to eat healthier food, for example, is a good goal, but I want to include more vegetables and fruit in my diet because these are good sources of energy is more specific. Reason: When I don’t I’m often too tired to do the fun things I want to do with my son, like walk to the park. So, eating more of this kind of food will improve my energy. Notice that the most important goal is having the energy to enjoy her relationship with her son more—and eating better is the way there! So, be specific!


You must be able to tell whether you are making progress toward your goal. How do you know you are progressing toward your goal? This is the second strategy. Make sure that you can tell, weekly or monthly, whether you are making progress or whether you need to adjust what you are doing. You must be able to measure your actions and you can do this by indicating “when”, “how often’, or “how much” you will do something.


Strategy number three. Sit down and plan your ACTIONS.  How are you going to reach that goal? What do you need? How often? What changes do you need to make? What kind of training will you need? Your Case Manager can be a big help to you at this point. You may find that you need the help of an expert or other services to help you reach your goal. Your Case Manager can provide you with suggestions, advice, and referrals.


Strategy number four is simply this-- keep your goals within the realm of possible, or you will get discouraged and derailed.


And the final strategy is to establish deadlines for your goals. Keep them where you can see them on a daily basis to remind yourself of them and of your commitment to yourself and your family. If you fail to do this final step you will not realize your goals. A goal unfulfilled is just a dream. And, a dream deferred can be a heavy load to bear. Okay, roll your sleeves up and get to work on those important goals of yours!

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