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Trivia Night

Providence House is excited to invite you to our newest fundraising event: Trivia Night on the evening of September 23rd, 2022. Limited seating is available in our lovely Park Shore venue that overlooks Naples’ inland waterways.

This enjoyable evening includes six rounds of trivia related to arts and entertainment, science and nature, geography, history, riddles, word search, before and afters, music clips, crossword clues, sports, and so much more. There’s something for everyone, and because you’re playing as part of a team, it’s a low pressure, high entertainment event. 


You may register as a group (we’ll have up to five teams of eight) or as an individual, and we’ll put you into a team when you arrive. We will do all we can to keep groups together, but we cannot guarantee that you will all be on the same team. We will assure you that we will keep at least two of your members together if we need to break up some groups to split the teams evenly. 


Each round has a winner, so anyone can win and everyone has fun. In addition to the winners of each round, prizes will be raffled off so there are more opportunities to win big!


Your $35 ticket will include a light dinner and a glass of wine or prosecco. Additional wine and prosecco available for $5/glass.


Most importantly, you’ll be supporting a great cause: our mothers and children at Providence House. 

Reserve Now!

Space is limited

No walk-ins please

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