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Donating to Providence House

Change the lives of young families

How does Providence House help?


We recognize the difficulties a mother faces in the cycle of poverty. Every day, she has to get to an emergency shelter, get on a waiting list and secure a spot in order for her family to have somewhere to sleep each night. Her daily focus is on securing another spot on the waiting list, meanwhile fearing she and her child will not receive shelter for the next night. This struggle hinders her ability to focus on securing a job and improving her education. At Providence House, we know that stable housing and lack of education are the two main obstacles that keep families in the cycle of poverty. 

Providence House is more than a shelter, we are a home with a program for self-sufficiency. We provide motivated women and their children:

  • Long-term Transitional Housing - Families stay in our comfortable apartments for up to two years. 

  • Weekly Case Management - We know all of our moms by name. We know their goals and their challenges. Case management holds mothers accountable and connects them to the resources they need to be successful.  

  • Regular Life Skills Classes - Moms learn skills related to personal growth and professional enrichment that are necessary for independent living.

  • Referrals - All of our residents' needs are important to us. We connect their needs with the local agencies that are best suited to make a positive change. 

We rely on every donation, small or large, in order to provide our transitional housing program to the moms.  Together, we help her secure a life of independence.


We do not receive any government funding. 


Donations can be made:

  • "In Memory" of someone dear to you

  •  "In Honor" of someone dear to you (e.g. birthdays, celebrate accomplishments)

  •   A one-time donation

  •   A pledge 

  •   As a beneficiary of your organization or business fundraiser


If your organization or business is interested in organizing a fundraiser for Providence House please call 239-692-8779.

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