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Gifts In Memory of:  

+ Marvin Goldman, requested by Scott Goldman

+ David and Patricia Cooper, requested by Jayne Ransing 

+ Myrtle Gray, requested by Patricia Gray

+ Irene Izbicki, requested by Patricia Gray

+ Father Thomas Gillespie, requested by Rose and Herb Grolnick

+ Paul Gladdys, requested by Karolyn Gladdys

+ Frank Farren, requested by Anne Marie Colombo

+ Irene Izbicki, requested by Patti Gray

+ William Kenney, requested by Naples Woman's Club, friends, and family

+ Stefan Fritz Brueckner, requested by his many friends and family

+ Frank Farren, requested by John and Mary Fullerton

+ Harry Timmins, requested by Joan and Jack Conroy

+ Patricia Longe, requested by Patrick Longe 

+ Frank Farren, requested by his many friends and associates

+ Tom Cabot, requested by Joan and Jack Conroy

+ Donald Rowe, requested by Timothy Rowe

+ Nancy Cookrequested by Katie Giblin

+ Judith A. Desmaraisrequested by Richard W. Desmarais

+ Janna Beckerrequested by Barbara Kenty

+ Eilleen Colgan, requested by Patty Cullinan

+ Nancy Cook, requested by Katie Giblin

+ Mary Lou Steffens, requested by Joan Conroy, Keith & Diana Myers, Audrey & Andrew Messick, and Rosalie Devine

+ Paul Timko, requested by Joan and John Conroy

+ Donald Goodman, requested by friends from Saint Ann Catholic Church

+ John Callahan, requested by the many friends of the Callahan family
+ John F. Donahue, requested by Mr. and Mrs. John T. Conroy, Jr.
+ Jack Donahue, requested by the board members of Providence House
+ Donald Rowe, requested by Timothy Rowe
+ Stephanie Elitz, requested by Carl Elitz and Nancy and Frank Farren
+Jim Bedinghaus, requested by Rosemary Bedinghaus
+Marjorie Carr, requested by Joan and Jack Conroy                               
+Wesley Meyer, requested by his children

+Betty Tanner, requested by Robin & Jeff Friesen and Family, Heartland Contractors, Charles & Eva Szabo, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tusa, Lawrence & Mary Cunningham, John Baxter, Patrice Bardenheier, Marc Nesseler, Peter Boitano, Virginia Bonness, Jacquelin Jensen, Patricia Lyall Hill, and an anonymous gift

+Marie Murphy, requested by Joan Conroy

+Patricia Farren Cooper, requested by Joseph and Mary Callahan, Alphonse and Rose DiGiovanni, Richard and Lisa Maley, Eileen Martin, Jane McClatchy, Patricia Moore, Theresa O'Brien, Harold and Doris Peabody, David and Judith Powers, Joseph and Evelyn Rossetti, Mary Sherlock

+Frank X. Homan, requested by Frank and Nancy Farren

+Helen Ettenson, requested by Jerry Martin

+Ann Martin, requested by Jerry Martin

+Carol Lowe, requested by Providence House Staff, John and Eileen Convery, Jr., Lou Kennedy

+Daniel J. Ryan, requested by Rosemarie Ryan

+Departed loved ones and parishioners, requested by Church of the Incarnation, Sarasota

+Rose Rogan, requested by Susanne Grossman, Katherine Carey, Joseph and Sophia Bartucci, Robert and Elaine Debernardo, Grace Cheng, Chuck and Sue Thomas

+Jacqueline Moritz, requested by Cathy Mayer

+Nancy Zoto Gregory, requested by Joseph and Sophia Bartucci

+Fran Ryan, requested by Lawrence & Mary Cunningham, William & Ann Marie Saylor, Peter & Carol Meehan, Anthony Bennett, Irma Lesser, Dorothy Frommer, Jan Tremblay, Burzynski Elder Law, Leo & Jill Criep

+Frank and Margo Homan, requested by The Male Family and Anne Callahan

+Deborah Maloney, requested by Victor and Marianne Lopiano Charitable Trust
+Walter O'Sullivan, requested by Joan and Jack Conroy

We would love to include the name of someone you would like to remember on this page!

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